Dear Moto, HTC, Sammy, etc

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    So, I've been giving the "Motorola Application Platform" (which I guess is what they're calling blur now) a chance.

    In all honesty, its pretty good.

    But, here's what I want to tell the manufacturers. Stop trying to give us your launchers. Or, rather, if you do, take a lesson from ADW, GO Launcher, Launcher Pro, etc. Give us options and customization. The new moto blur is good, really good. It has features that I'm pretty sure will make it into future builds of the market launchers. Like the app drawer folders (maybe they have this, i dunno) or uninstalling apps from the app drawer. I also like how icons and widgets will move around as you place new icons, instead of having to move each one yourself.

    But there are things that a standard market launcher has that is missing, and I really wish was there. Like adding more dock icons, or changing from a 4x4 grid, or giving us the option of horizontal and vertical app drawers. (I really hate horizontal app drawers, and its the one thing I dislike most about the D3's stock launcher). I would also like being able to change icons, another standard of market launchers.

    Ok, at the very least, Moto, HTC etc, you could give us skins. Let us at least change color themes. I think very many people would be happy with their stock launchers if they could change the colors, lol. And thats not just for power users like this forum, this could be a big selling point (feature) for the average user. The biggest difference between Android and iOS is customization, so wouldn't it be great if we got those options from the factory?
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