[Deal Alert] LG's G Flex Only $99.99 on Sprint and AT&T if You Get it From Amazon

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    LG's first curved screen flexible display smartphone, the G Flex is a unique and interesting device. Perhaps it's a bit too unique for the average consumer as it hasn't caught on very well, especially in the US. The other reason it probably isn't doing so hot may be due to its exorbitant price tag. AT&T listed it for $299.99 ON contract, and Sprint's was $249.99, also ON contract. Even though this is technically a "phablet" sized device, these prices are still a bit... exaggerated.

    Of course, some of the best deals on a smartphones don't come directly from the carriers. Amazon currently has the best offer on this device for both of these carriers. You can get the LG G Flex for just $99.99 on a brand new contract, or $119.99 for a renewed contract. This same deal applies to both carrier versions of the device. Check out the source links below!


    Amazon - Sprint LG G Flex
    Amazon - AT&T LG G Flex
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