Dashlight Extension adds Torch Flashlight To DashClock

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    It's always a pain fumbling for keys in the dark, or looking for something you dropped at the theatre. Most of you would just hit the power button on your phone to turn on the screen and use the limited light that would emit. There are several Torch apps that allow you to use your camera led as a flashlight, but for those moments when you need the torch quickly it can be quite cumbersome to have to turn the phone on, unlock it, enter the app drawer, open the app, then toggle on the torch. There have been some toggles to at least make the task less arduous placing the toggle on your homescreen for easier access.

    The new Dashlight extension for Dashclock. Dashclock is a pretty popular lockscreen widget that includes a clock, weather stats, battery stats, and notifications. With this extension you can add the Dashlight torch toggle to your lockscreen so that you can instantly turn on your camera led with a simple "tap on". It couldn't be any easier.

    Via AndroidPolice
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