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    Has anyone been able to get the Boot Manager to work on droid 2 global, it supports Droid 2 now, and should also support the D2G. I got it to run and even installed a second ROM on the CM7.1 D2G ROM. In other words I had the CM7.1 D2G ROM installed and tried to install the Gingerbread MIUI ROM as a second boot ROM, now as far as i know the ROM's must be the same kernel, and must be gingerbread, and must be 2nd INIT. The thing is, CM7.1 D2G has a Froyo Kernel, and a GB base, I can run the app and install additional ROM's in Rom Manager with that Froyo base ROM, but when I go to the GB Kernel GB Base ROM for the D2G, which is the 4.5.606 GB Leak, the Boot Manager app tells me I need a GB Kerneal and 2ndInit rom. Which the leak is, correct? So why can I run the app just fine in a GB Base ROM, with a froyo kernel, and even install an additional ROM, which didnt boot; but not in a GB Kernel rom? What am I doing wrong here? Has anyone gotten this to work on the D2G, if so what ROM's were used. I just switch alot between ROMs as to not get bored with my phone and try new things, and ide rather be sure i can always go back to a working ROM without having to SBF and all that.

    Thanks Timmer1992
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