d2 back button on screen wont work liberty/oreoslice

Discussion in 'Droid 2 Tech Issues' started by chrisl20, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Idk if this is the right forum section, but this morning, I woke up w my phone underneath my face, off my charger and my back button is no longer working at all, unless I touch a million times at the verrrrry bottom of the screen, most times, it won't even work...and when in my phone menu, trying to press on contacts tab isn't working either...along with in miren browser, when I was trying to navigate to droidforums when I tried to pinch zoom in, it would click on a link on the current page when I tried scrolling, like its currently being touched on screen somewhere by a ghost finger...I already flashed a fresh theme...I was curious for some input about what caused it? My phone has ran hot hot hot @ 103 degrees a few times the past week, and has been dropped once 5 days ago...would one of those reasons cause this? Or was it me sleeping on it? ...is there a fix? Or should I do a sbf and do a warranty claim? Any feedback is greatly appreciated...unless its sayin don't sleep w ur phone...cuz I know I shouldn't..but, I get a lot of late night calls...so....hit me w ideas please! If this needs moved to another forum thread, go ahead mods
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