D1 Screen Dead? Everything else works?!

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by laxman3722, Jul 10, 2011.

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    So... dropped my D1 in the parking lot 2 days ago and didnt realize that it wasnt working until I got in the gym to listen to some music. Pulled the battery a bunch of times bc the screen wouldnt turn on and went to the VZ store where they said its dead and couldnt access the recovery manager.

    But... everything works on the phone. The screen will even backlight when I turn it on, the buttons/keyboard light up. I can tough the screen and feel it unlock. I even touched where my camera shortcut was and took a picture. I could even connect it to my computer and access the SD card...

    My question is... what is wrong? And is this something fixable? Could something have just disconnected? IS the VZ store I went to just full of clowns who wanted me to buy a Tbolt? Any advice of input would be awesome! Bc right now Im on my old Samsung i760 (Bet you havent seen one ever!).
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