Cyanogen Ditching Cyanogen OS In Favor Of Cyanogen Now

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Oct 10, 2016.

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    All those years ago then CEO Kirt McMaster proclaimed that Cyanogen would be placing a bullet in the head of Google implying that their new OS product would one day be a worthy replacement for Google's Android which Cyanogen itself is built on. Cyanogen won't be killing Google anytime soon after all. They just announced that they will be ditching Cyanogen OS all together in favor of Cyanogen Now.

    Cyanogen has been working on their stand alone apps for a while in an attempt to remove as many Google products and services from their OS as possible. They will now be transitioning to a modular approach with Google Now. Not only will this significant change occur, but McMaster will also be handing over the reigns to a new CEO. Lior Tal will take on the challenge of growing the business and increasing the efficiency at which they scale.

    via AndroidPolice
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    Lol hand it over and let the business grow aka I'm done crowd sourcing so I'm gonna disappear with millions lol.

    Anyone who thought cyan could take down Google was as delusional as Kirk. Hey I'm gonna destroy GM and take their spot in the auto market! Oh yeah how are you gonna do that what engine are you going to use? Hmmm Let's go with the LS6 and the T56 trans. Lol lol