CrazyFist II v1.2

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    CrazyFist II v1.2
    Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
    Overview:Not only temple run and Subway Surfers. No longer escape. It's time to hunting !!Why parkour style always means escape? The breaking out of speed and strength not only comes from the instinct of escape. It should be more about robust wild chasing, and decision of fury without to be afraid of anything and any rules. Even the God of Death will be shred, once he lost the chasing game with our hero Talos, the man who has the natural gift of divine power.



    Game Features:
    Exciting combat combo.
    Simple screen touching and stroking operation,
    New acting elements of parkour style, great feeling of hitting, speed and operating
    Warblade, Magic, Boomerang. Different Hero has variously gorgeous visual effect of attacking.
    Combine interesting items and skills to pursue high score

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