Control contacts used for voice dialing?

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    I have a Verizon Droid X with a Corporate Sync account to an Exchange Server.

    When I first connected the phone to the server using Froyo, I was surprised to find that I could not control which contact folders were synched to the phone. Basically, it synched all of them.

    I was hoping that Gingerbread would add some more granular control of the process, but it appears not. Gingerbread *does* allow me to filter out the folders from my contacts view, so that works fairly well as a work-around.

    My problem now is this: even though the contacts don't appear in my contacts list, the Voice Dial function (apparently) does not use those filters, so it offers/finds *way* too many matches when it tries to determine which contact I asked it to find.

    Is there any way to:
    - stop certain contact folders in exchange from being synched?
    - stop the voice dial function from "seeing" every contact that is on the phone?

    Thanks for any and all help.

    Bryan Hunt
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