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    Hey all. I'm once again having a problem with my TBolt. I've lost my data service. When I got the phone, I had to call Verizon in order to fix it. It's worked ever since. When I went to Cincy to visit, it switch to 4G no probl and ran FAST. I went into the VZW store to buy an extended life battery and they asked me if I had ever had problems with it, and I explained that I had and what I did to fix it (Call VZW). They explained that it had something to do w/ their network and how the Tbolt is having problems dealing with a new 3G sever or transitioning from the old EVDO service to 3G. I don't rememeber. All I know is that guy asked if he could see my phone, so I let him. He went thru some settings and said, "Yes, yours is all set. It won't experience that problem again". So it must have been a setting that he verified as being "correct". It's been working fine until yesterday when I lost my data plan, andI haven't changed anything!

    So, I did some research and found and PERFORMED this fix:

    I chose that one over this one, only because I found it first:

    Tip: Force HTC Thunderbolt to Use 3G Only, Turn Off 4G - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

    I rebooted the phone, and it worked again! But while driving home from work, I lost my data plan again. So, I think it's related to switching between networks. I am in and out of 3G and the EVDO 1x type networks. We don't have 4G around here yet.

    Now for the point of my post... I'm concerned that I'm going to have to do a hard reset. The woman at VZW tech support told me that it's pretty much all driven by my Google account. So I dialed in my gmail addybook as best as possible. But there are still contacts on my phone via Backup Asst, that aren't in my online Gmail contact list. Is there a way I can all my contacts, groups, linked accounts, etc from my phone, and import it all into Gmail, and skip or overwrite existing contacts?

    Is it a matter of backing my People up to my SD card? And if so, which accounts do I choose? It gives choices between Google, Phone, & SIM, and no ability to them them ALL. I'd have to do three seperate backups I guess.

    Then would I be able to power down the phone, take the SD card out, attach it to my PC, then import them all into Gmail online? OR.. is there a way I can do this form the phone?

    I suppose another smart idea would be to build my Gmail contact list to the way it needs to be, then export it, then wipe my Backup Asst contacts online, and import the Gmail contacts.

    What do you think?

    Meanwhile, I'm gonna mess with this phone to see if I can get the data plan to come back on. If I call VZW, I know they'll make me do a hard reset. It's just my luck!


    And now for the reason

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