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    I have some contacts set up on my home screen, when i touch one of them to do a sms, how can i get it to go to my handcent sms instead of the default sms program????? please help thanks
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    Dec 1, 2009
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    When you first installed Handcent, it should have prompted you the 1st time you did this to select the app you wanted to use. I am assuming this prompt does not come up now. That means the internal app has been set to the default. This is easy enough to clear.

    Go to your settings menu and choose Manage Applications.

    Open the menu and choose Filter, from there select "All Applications" (by default you only see the downloaded apps which does not include the default Messaging Application).

    Scroll down and find Messaging

    Open Messaging

    You will see a section marked "Launch By Default"

    Select "Clear defaults"

    Go ahead and close out.

    Go back to your contacts, and attempt to message someone

    It will now prompt you for which application to use for this action (either Messaging or Handcent... or Google Voice if you have that installed). Select Handcent and check off the box to "Use this action by Default"

    Now whenever you choose to Message someone from your contact list, it will open in Handcent automatically.
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