Colourform For HD Widgets Is Now Official And Available On Google Play

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    The makers of HD Widget have officially released their new Colourform HDW Theme pack. The app was released in beta form a few weeks back, and is now bugfree and ready for primetime! Colourform brings the HOLO style of Jelly Bean to the HD widget set. You get the Robot font, the new JB style clock widget, and more. Colourform features more than 50 new ICS/JB style widgets. Everything is colorable here including text, separators, backgrounds, and you can color the clock piece by piece. Backgrounds are layered and each layer can be colored individually. Colourform focuses on a simpler, minimalistic, flat UI design with more customization than ever.

    It should be noted that this will only work if you have HD Widgets installed. You would install Colourform from the Play Store and HD Widgets will automatically find it. The new widgets will be in the top menu. Grab this new HDW Theme Pack for just .99 at the Play Link below!

    Via Play Store
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