[APP] HD Widgets 3.8 with Colourform Theme Pack!

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    The latest version of HD widgets comes with lots of new stuff including Jelly Bean aesthetics, lots of custom color options, and support for the new colourform theme pack. The new update brings new skins and themes for your widgets. The final version of the Colourform theme pack will include many more widgets then the test version that is available now. The preview version is free and the final version will only cost .99 when it rolls out later in the month. The new app includes 7 widgets a 1x1 Settings widget, three 4x1 Settings, Weather and Clock widgets, a 4x2 Header widget, two 6x2 header settings and header weather widgets. New features include an ICS-JB style, custom colors, lots of color options, background settings, Roboto clocks and more!

    Colourform Theme Pack
    HD Widgets 3.8

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