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    I want to install the update file on my daughter's phone to fix the re-boot problem, but I can't get my computer to let me into the phone's file system.

    I've installed HTC Sync. On my computer here at the office, if I try to drag a file onto the root of the "Verizon device" (or whatever the heck it says) in Windows Explorer, I get the error message that the CD drive (?) is read only. Office machine is an older XP, I tried it at home on a less old Vista machine, and once I make the "disk drive" selection on the phone, I get the Windows action selector menu on the computer screen for about 5 seconds, THEN IT CRASHES THE COMPUTER, and I get a blue screen of death and a reboot.

    What am I doing wrong. It seems like it must be a driver issue, but the only way I get find to get the drivers is t install Sncy, which I've done. I'm stumped.
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