Cant use my screen cant unlock my droid2! Help!

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    Okay well here is where i sand at the moment. i have cancelled my verizon plan for this phone but i would still like to use it for music and other things.

    what is wrong with my phone-
    1)i can't use the middle part of my screen for some odd reason. its like strip of my phone that i can not use. it is between the home button and the back button on the screen and go all the way up to the top of my phone. But i can still use home button and back button they work fine.

    2) after that happend my phone started click by its self and switching pages and such when i wasnt pressing anything.

    3) the most important problem... is now after all theses things have happen i can no longer use my screen. what i mean by that is i turn on the phone it work fine and tell me the correct time and date and all that stuff. i can open it and it will switch to key bored and that work fine also. but heres the thing. it wont let me slide the lock screen over to get into my phone. i tried to open the key bored and do it that way doesnt work it. it isnt even moveing when i touch my phone screen.
    ive done all i can think of to fix this my self. nothing works. ive tried the magnate trick nothing happens i tried taking out the battery and nothing. its been this way for a while now and im tired of it already its been so long. i cant reset my phone because i cant even get into my pone to do so :s. if you have had this problem and know how to fix this please tell me i would be forever greatful thank you! please help!
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