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Cant unroot my phone?

Discussion in 'Rescue Squad Help' started by budmonster, May 12, 2010.

  1. budmonster

    budmonster Guest

    I'm currently on ESE81 2.1 w/ clockwork recovery.

    I installed that new DarkEgde theme last night. Everything went well for awhile. When I woke up this morning, I tried using my phone, the touch screen wont work, it turns on and it functions but you if you try pressing it, nothing happens. The screen is on and but you cant touch it. I tried flashing some of my nandroid backups I had, but no luck, the screen still won't work.
    I figure it has to be hardware issue.

    So I download that unroot_update.zip from Unroot & Back To Stock | Root Your Droid

    I placed the update.zip on my sdcard and tried to flash it. I get this message everytime:

    "Installing: SDCARD:update.zip
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package///
    assert failed: !less_than_int(1259199777, getprop("ro.build.data.utc"))
    E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted."

    I have to unroot this phone to return it obviously. Please help.
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  2. budmonster

    budmonster Guest

    Please, anyone? I really need this fixed or im scrwed
  3. speckit

    speckit New Member

    Dec 10, 2009
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  4. verian

    verian Guest

    No worries your never actually screwed. You'll get threw this. Please post back if that second guide does't work.
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