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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by cjb5327, Dec 30, 2013.

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    +0's the deal. My s3's power button is kinda broken...I can gently swipe across it and it turns my screen off....that was the problem, now I have an even bigger problem. So I decided to take my phone apart to try and fix the button so i took the whole back plate off and what not. Now when I go to turn my phone on I get an error that there is no sim card or that it cannot be read. My SD card reads's just my SIM Card which sucks major Kahuna's. I've tried your typical put paper in between to put more pressure on the sim, I tried tin foil on the motherboard. Any other suggestions as to what might help?

    I'm now using a DX 2, which ain't bad because I loved my old DX....but it's not good enough...If I can't get this fixed, the next solution is to root the DX2 and do whatever with it. Verizon sucks nowadays and they can't do anything for me...

    Once again any help would be great. Thanks in advance. I will be checking regularly for updates.
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