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    Please Help me Port This Theme To Liberty GB v0.8

    MattedBlues to Liberty GB v0.8 please I tried and It came out wrong.
    Heres a Picture for how it should look


    I use the wugport universal theme flasher to port this theme over to liberty v0.8
    But it does not look anything like these below.
    I have know knowledge of android theme making and framework so
    Please help me out


    Everything I find for this is outdated and links are broken Heres the link to the original post for this theme here on droid-forums


    Thanks in advance. If you have links or anything please share it

    Here are three links to the only theme files I can find for MattedBlues, but they are for different roms and phones.
    I used MattedBlues standard edition to try and port to liberty v0.8


    MattedBlues Standard Edition

    MattedBlues Engraved Edition

    If you can tell me a ROM for droid x that is up to date with android 2.3.3 or later and has this theme please tell me that will save you and me time​

    Also this theme was originally on the Evo 4g Heres a link to that thread with the first screen shots if this helps out a Bit.


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