Can Handcent READ a text message to SPEECH ?

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    Have just registed, because googling this question throws up a lot of confusing answers, mainly from people who seem to confuse text to speech, with speech to text.

    Phone is an HTC wildfire. I am trying to get it to READ SMS messages out loud (for my wife, who is vision impaired). Googling the original problem suggested Handcent was the mutts nuts. Duely installed, and whilst the threading and message presentation is nice (easier to read), I cannot find anyway to get it to READ a ****ing message out loud. The Handcent FAQ is about as much use as a chocolate teapot, since it just says:

    well first off "TTS Service" is just an app from someone else, and secondly installing it did squat.

    Has anyone got any advice, please ? My wife is a technophobe at best, and I am trying to show her how "toys" like the Wildfire can make life easier. Things are even more annoying, because my POS Windows Phone (supplied by work) actually does TTS brilliantly.
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