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    This is going to be a long 1 lol but I'd really like to get to the bottom of this. I know not many people print pictures anymore but understand that the reason pictures from most phones now come out automatically cropped or with that annoying white half border is because of the aspect ratio. Fewer phones come with the 2:3 aspect ratio that produces typical 4x6 photos like most camera have since the Polaroid days. Is there a list somewhere of all the phones and their aspect ratios? I have found very little about this. Everything else is out there but...not this.

    I've even considered springing for a digital camera which is easier to figure out but still presents questions. There is the same aspect ratio delemna or you get 1 with a lense. The way I understand that is you have to be sure and get 1 with a 35mm lense or 35mm capable adjustable lense.

    Any info on this would be appreciated. I really don't care if this means I downgrade my phone either. I'm over the whole fancy phone stage. I just need it to communicate and take pictures.
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