Camera Daemon?

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    Over the past two days, I've noticed by battery life has decreased significantly. As of this moment, after being off the charger for less than five hours, I'm at 41 percent. When I looked, it said something called "mm-qcamera-daemon" was eating up vast chunks of my battery. The only thing I've been able to turn up after a cursory search was that it's mostly affecting Galaxy users; it has something to do with the camera constantly running in the background; that Skype might have something to do with it; and to try to uninstall Skype.

    I've just uninstalled Skype (barely ever use it anyway) and rebooted my phone, so fingers crossed.

    Has anyone else had any issues with this? Any new ideas, information, or suggestions? I was hoping my days of battery issues were behind me forever when I hurled my HTC Thunderbolt into a wall and went out and bought a Motorola.

    EDIT: I think this issue coincides, timewise, with the latest update . . .
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