Calendar / Planner recommendation with specific requirements

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    So, I've gone through many many threads here (and on other sites) and I have a list of calendar apps to try out. However, to try and narrow that list down, I wanted to explain what I was looking for, and see if anything out there has this same functionality.

    I come from the Palm OS - and I *loved* their calendar.

    It had:

    1 - color coding (the default calendar in Android has this as well, obviously)
    2 - a web-based access (or a standalone program -- in Palm it was "Palm Desktop)
    3 - "Tasks" were part of the calendar -- effectively, my entire task list was in one sidebar, and I could easily drag a task from the tasklist TO the calendar and it would be scheduled. And, I could do this on my PC (not on the phone) - although I could do it on the phone as well, if needed.

    Those are the requirements I'm looking for.

    Web/PC-based access (I don't want to do my major editing on the phone; I want to be ale to do that on my PC and have it sync to my phone)
    Tasks easily moved onto the calendar and vice versa

    Do any of these programs (Astrid? Business Calendar?) offer this functionality?

    Thanks so much!