Brave Browser Seeks To Speed Up Your Web Browsing Experience By Replacing Ads

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    Ads are the lifeblood of the internet as it is designed today. We are not conditioned to pay for the content we view everyday. Instead we expect to be delivered the latest news when it happens with lots of visually stunning photos and videos to accompany it. All of this content cost money and time to produce and for now the only viable way to support it is through ads. With that being said the way that ads have morphed over the year has made for a web experience that is not exactly optimal.

    Brave is looking to change that. While some browsers have taken measures to block ads all together Brave sees the importance of the advertisement model and keeping the internet free. Their upcoming Browser app replaces slow loading ads with what they deem as "clean" ads. Their ads load faster and make the browsing experience a better one, or at least this is what they are shooting for.

    Not only does brave allow for ads to be displayed instead of blocking them altogether they also give the user an option to go adfree by subscribing to their favorite sites. When subscribing to participating sites those sites get paid and you don't have to view ads. Brave has not released but should be ready soon.

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    Interesting. I don't mind ads on the web so much as long as they aren't full-screen popups that block everything until you can find the 9-pixel "X" and attempt to hit it, missing it, and then going to another website. :mad:

    What does really torque me off when I have a slow connection is that either the website or the browser is programmed to load the ads first and the actual content last. There is no possible way that several megabytes of advertising photos coincidentally loads before a couple hundred kilobytes of text. Every. Single. Time.
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