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    Yup. I never thought I would be introducing myself as an older person but i am. I just purchased an unlocked Android phone called a Hero G9 Dual Sim. I live in Panama so I have both a Panama Sim and a USA Sim.
    The user manual with the phone leaves a lot to be desired. I figured out how to turn it on but after it goes to sleep I have no idea how to get back to the app to even make a phone call. It's fine if I start up from scratch and then it goes to apps and all that. But when it goes to sleep and I press the power button to awaken it to make a call I cannot go anywhere so it goes back to sleep. I have no idea on how to get to any app after it awakens. I hate to have to shut down and restart just to make a call.
    Does anyone out there know what I am doing wrong?
    Panama Joe
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