Black screen some options?

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    Hey guys this is my first post.. also my first smart phone, Fair to say im a newbie.
    So here is my issue, I have a samsung fascinate i decided to root it after researching it for a couple days. so i followed the guide in this forum to root and put on cwr. I downloaded and installed, verified superuser app was indead there. I then proceeded to download a rom from rom manager.
    reloaded the phone after applying update and it started up like normal (stock settings), so i figured i didnt correctly install rom(super clean btw). I then went back to rom manager and started to redownload superclean agian and i changed the theme to black gloss so i can see a difference if it had worked. the download took forever i ended up falling asleep, And when i woke up my phone was vibrating on black screen. i then took the battery out and restarted my phone. i got a black screen, when i push my power button it will pop up window with
    .airplane mode
    i let it sit for about 15 min and still nothing
    some times when i get that poweroff screen right beforei can see my,call messaging,web,and and apps logo.

    i can still get to cwr startup too
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