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Mar 27, 2012
    1. mobile_sensei
      The widget you asked about is evolution clkr, you can get it free in market, I got the paid edition to support the dev, plus it has date option. -
    2. eriscrazy
      if you have any futher questions just ask man ill help as much as i can. you can even through me a email @ GOOD LUCK!
    3. eriscrazy
      well the Eris is a lot slower in a lot of way to the moto droid. processor speed is a little slower and the capability of rooting it is a little bit more confined. but from my experience, i am rooted, if your don't care about your manufacture warranty or your Verizon warranty then i would say root that bad boy. With root not only can you OverClock the CPU but you can find roms that enable JIT and that will make it lighting fast. i was very ill after the 2.1 update OTA that verizon did because of the speed problems. but rooting made it to where i can change the speed and make my phone 10 times faster. Now on the battery issue if you are running on stock sence Ui the you can go to setting> Wireless&Networks>Mobile Network>and uncheck Enable always on mobile data, that will save your battery tons of power. and a good web site to use is the unlockr they have great info on rooting and step by step walk throughs on how to root and load a custom rom.
    4. martinb28
      I just lent my Mom my Droid and took her Eris. It is much slower than the Droid and the battery drains way quicker. Do you have any tips? I disabled Sense and I never have wifi, bt, gps on. Furthermore, i have advnaced taskKiller making sure the only things that run are gmail, gvoice and txt msging. I am considering rooting it. How much faster will that make it and at what expense? Ive read lots of stuff everywhere, just curious of your opinions/experience. THanks. Martin
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