Beaups and The FireWater Dev Team Achieve S-Off On The Verizon Htc One M8!

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    Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 8.43.43 PM.png

    The image above is a Verizon variant HTC One M8 that has been S-Offed! S-Off for those of you who aren't familiar stands for Security Off. With S-Off you can permanently root your device, flash recoveries, flash hboot, flash roms, flash kernels and more! You can pretty much do whatever you want to the device that you own. It should also be noted that with S-Off there is nothing keeping you from flashing something that would brick your device so you will need to be extra cautious when flashing anything to your device.

    Apparently Beaups was able to achieve S-Off pretty quickly after receiving the device. They are still testing this method to make sure everything is ready for the masses. Don't expect an ETA, but this could be ready at any moment. Keep it posted here as we will keep you updated on when this releases!

    Via @Firewaterdevs
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