Bootloader Unlock and S-Off HTC ONE M8, M7 and DNA On Latest Updates

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    With the release of the new WeakSauce 2 root method by Jcase and Beaups we are now able to root even the latest updates even up to Android 4.4.4 on many HTC devices including DNA, HTC One M8 and M7 and others. Even though Jcase's test devices could not be S-offed with Sunshine S-off many of those who used Weaksauce 2 are reporting that they were successful at achieving S-off on their device after rooting.

    To get this working:
    -Install Weaksauce 2 and gain root
    -Install Sunshine
    -Run Sunshine (if test pass submit payment)
    -Device will reboot
    -both weaksauce and sunshine should reboot
    -if sunshine doesn't start then you will need to start it
    -if sunshine complains of no su then run weaksauce then run sunshine

    Grab Weaksauce2 here
    Grab Sunshine S-Off here
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