Battery life of the Bionic, RAZR and G Nex according to Anandtech.

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    Many ppl go by Anandtech's findings. I do for alot of things. I posted a reply in another thread saying I would be interested in the G Nex if it matched my Droid 1 for reception. Forgot all about battery life out the box. Happened to go to Anandtech site and saw they updated the Bench tool. I said...hmmm....let me do a comparison between some phones. After seeing some things...I went and promptly deleted my post on that other

    In the RAZR review they said in so many words the Bionic gets better battery life. Its not by much, tho. And I'm willing to bet it has to do with being clocked a lil higher and probably the Amoled screen. They havent done a review of the G Nex yet, but they added benchmark results in their Bench tool. For both the Verizon and GSM version.

    Battery life results were interesting between the 3. Talk time is a HUUUGE margin in favor of the Bionic and RAZR over the G Nex. Everything else was similar. Talk time alone means the RAZR get alot better battery life while using the phone out the box between the 2. Looking at battery life results when the Bionic came had the best battery life overall of all the LTE phones on Verizon at the time. Looks like it still holds that title for now. +1 for the

    Even the GSM G Nex does alot better in the battery life categories vs the Verizon version.

    So far, as of right now....there might be serious battery life issues with the Verizon version of the G Nex. I wonder why the gigantic differences in talk time? Even compared to the GSM version?

    And remember...this is according to Anandtech Bench tool.

    AnandTech - Bench - Smartphone11

    Wonder when they will add the Rezound?

    I wanted to post these findings in my reply, but felt it would just be better to delete my post and make a thread here. If anyone knows me and my wants n needs from my posts....battery life and reception are my biggest wants, needs. Lets just say this makes me even more happy I chose the RAZR. For me, its the best phone available right now.....with the Bionic a close 2nd. I dont even want a G Nex anymore now. I will save my switching to a family plan for another phone. All these phones have pros n cons....we just have to decide what we want, need more.

    Wanted to add I was willing to compromise in the reception dept, cuz for each of my phones the reception got better going forward: Droid 1 to Droid X1 to RAZR. The Droid 1 has nice reception so even tho it woulda been a compromise, it wasnt gonna be a huge one.
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