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    I installed Monopoly (free from Amazon Appstore) the other day and it came with a few bugs. The game would freeze my entire phone and it would sometimes restart by itself, other times it would reload the home screen after a minute or two. Anyway, it really screwed me today and it froze the entire phone for a few minutes, and the phone restarted with the "blank slate" scene, but I still had all my apps. I had to reconfigure my old scene and some app settings and permissions, email, gmail, and other annoyances. I also lost all my contacts, but good thing I had them backed up. Then like 10 minutes later the phone went back to the settings it had before the "blank slate" reconfiguration. I had everything again, so I was a little perplexed.

    Well, like an idiot, I played Monopoly again and the same thing happened, only now it went to the new scene I had to reconfigure (it had all the contacts, apps, email settings, etc that I had to set up before). I waited and it still hasn't reset itself - this time I think it's permanent. I also uninstalled Monopoly and gave it a bad rating to get back at it.

    Is there a way to get my old scene back again or did I screw myself too deep? Some things don't work, like the clock weather widget. It doesn't have my location for some reason but I'm on wifi.
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