Attention: on the use of Backup/Restore apps

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    Titanium Backup / Restore credit to tbcpn (at MyDroidWorld)

    To avoid issues be sure that:

    1. Make sure the latest / good version of BusyBox is installed (hit the "Problems" button lower right in Titanium home screen)
    2. Un-check "Auto-sync TB settings" under Preferences
    3. Only Run "Backup all user apps" (the second option from the top) under Batch.
    4. Selectively restore apps from the "Restore all apps with data" (these will only be user apps per 3. above) by selecting this batch operation and un-checking the apps I do not want to restore via Titanium prior to running the batch operation (by default all apps will be selected). You can also select here to restore just the app, app + data, or just data.

    Info for MyBackup/MyBackup Pro to come....

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