App that actually works for In-Web documents.

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    Does anybody know of an android browser that actually opens documents on the web? I've tried using several browsers and add-ons, but none of them work. Every time I click on what would normally be a download link to a document on a computer, on my phone it just opens up a new blank tab and doesn't do anything with it. I've noticed it somewhat does this on the computer, but after half a second it closes the new tab and asks me what I want to do with the file. The files I'm trying to download are often Word Documents, PDF files, and other basic document types. Does anybody know how to fix this or what to use?

    I can't figure this out, and it would be helpful if I could do this because as a student at a mostly technology-based school, most of the reading and homework are files and documents on a website, and it sucks having to be on the computer to get to these files. Any fixes?