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    Hi, all:

    I have a PC running Windows XP and a Motorola Droid. After incredibly frustrating experiences with both Songbird (which screwed up my entire music library, and didn't transfer all my music) and DoubleTwist (which also only managed to transfer like half my music onto the device and was clunky), I've pretty much given up on finding any software that can actually sync only songs I've chosen (which, IMO, is something that IS awesome about iTunes, and I miss it). I guess it's drag and drop for now.

    But my real need at this point is an app that can read iTunes playlists if I drag and drop them into mass storage on the phone. Yes, yes, I know iTunes is evil, but the bottom line is that I spent many hours creating those playlists and I want them on my droid.

    Is this completely impossible? I know I could just convert the playlists to m3u and then drag and drop, but I'd need someone to tell me that one of the conversion programs out there is trustworthy.

    Or am I better off using iTunes Agent and the player that comes on the droid?
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