Anyone know much about app/game "Permissions"?

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    This one has been wrecking my brain for a while. I have a game (Final Strike 3D) that I like a lot and have been playing with no problem on several of my Android devices including my VZW Note 2. Recently after having to re-flash the stock image (again) and then re-root and unlock the bootloader (again), I now find that this game FORCE CLOSES EVERY SINGLE TIME IT'S LAUNCHED! I have tried everything I know of to get it to run again, like uninstalling and re-installing it from the Google Play Store, rebooting the phone, pulling the battery, clearing data + cache/delvic cache, etc. Nothing will get it to play except for when I go into Lucky Patcher, select the game and choose "Change Permissions and Activities!" then choose to "Change Permissions! & Save Original Signature." After doing that, my GN2 will automatically reboot itself and the game plays perfectly!

    The problem is that this is the ONLY way I can get this game to play now, and as soon as the phone is rebooted it won't play anymore and just force closes again like before (so the fix is only temporary when I need it to be permanent). I also tried an option in Lucky Patcher to "Change Permissions and Activities! & Rebuild and Install" which created a totally new/modified apk file but it force closes just the same. I also tried using Rom Manager to totally fix all permissions, which took about 15-20 minutes to complete, but once done I STILL get force closes on this one title!

    Can any of you tell me how to fix this issue permanently for this game? I'm not that familiar with Android permissions and how they work so this is driving me nuts since it's one of my favorite titles that has played perfectly on all 5 of my Android devices until now. And as I think back, I had this same thing happen with another title years ago that would play just fine and all of a sudden it did nothing but force close all the time, and I was never able to play that title again so I really want to figure this one out.

    Please HELP! Thanks.
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