Anybody else loving the camera app on ICS?

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Bionic' started by V3XED, Oct 24, 2012.

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    I have got to say, there is a possibility that i'm just sipping the cool-aid. But i was not expecting an overhaul to the camera, and surprise surprise its fantastic now!

    What I have noticed (and think is true?)
    -Considerably faster focus-->capture times.
    -Can now start lining up next shot and use the viewfinder while previous image is saved out.
    -Turning off the shutter sound actually works now.
    -Added multiple settings such as the 'low light' setting (which has been fantastic)
    -Added a shot timer mode
    -Added the ability to use the volume buttons for either zooming or capturing the image.
    -Seemingly improved color balance
    -A 'steady shot' sensor, which can delay a capture momentarily to reduce blur.

    ...and last but actually my favorite;
    -the ability to set the specific area in the shot to focus on!
    ---While in automatic mode just use your finger to chose the spot you want the image to focus on.

    Hope everyone else is enjoying this as well, not sure if its the standard on other ICS phones, but it sure is sweet.
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    Other cool settings:
    Go into your gallery, select a photo and select 'edit', from there you can tweak the photo to make it more artistic or make it a funny photo with fish eye lens and a doodle option. There are still better 3rd party apps out there to do a better job at the editing, but it's rather cool that they put some of this stuff in the stock camera.

    I'm not sure if I was just late to the party and everyone already knows, but we can do screenshots on ICS now. Press the power and the volume down buttons at the same time and it takes a screenshot. Careful though, there's no way to turn off the screenshot sound as far as I know, and it's pretty loud.
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