Android Revolution HD For The HTC One M9 Already Released!

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    One big plus to owning an HTC device is which allows you to easily unlock your device's bootloader (except for on Verizon and AT&T). When your bootloader is unlocked you can install a custom recovery, which allows for the installation of Roms! When your device is easily bootloader unlocked you get instant developer support. There are already a handful of great roms for the HTC One M9.

    Android Revolution HD has already been released for the M9. This rom is based on Android 5.0.2 and the latest version of firmware available for the One M9. This is an improved version of the stock rom with no theming or visual changes. It comes with the full HTC Sense 7 Interface. This is basically a cleaned up performance enhanced version of the stock rom! There are a few additions here but nothing major. If you want a better experience without the endless customization options this may be the rom for you.

    via XDA
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