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    I'm in search for useful Android Apps (Paid and Free.) Let me just tell you what apps (some) I already have so you get an idea of what types of apps I'm into. Some of them I need, some I have.

    1) FiiNote (Very useful note app)
    2) dSploit (Network Penetration Tool/Hacking)
    3) C4Droid (C/C++ Compiler -- Please list any better C++ Compilers if any.)
    4) An office app. I used OfficeSuite, but I'm not a fan I doesn't fit the screen, if that makes sense? Like if you use Google Drive and open a document, it'll fit to screen exactly so no pinch and zoom required. Most Office apps you'd have to pinch and zom

    5) Any app I can write math equations on? Kind of like a blank page or something that supports writing exponents and other math-type things.

    6) I use Tor Browser, so on Android I use Orbot.

    Lastly, I'm rooted using CyanogenMod 10. Any cool rooted apps you know about? I already have ROM Toolbox and all that, apps themselves that do something, not just apps that manage your root.
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