Android 4.2.2 Status Bar For Your Gingerbread Device!

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    Although Jelly Bean is out and we are expecting a new version of Android within the next several months there are still 36% of you who are still running GingerBread. There are still more devices running Gingerbread than any other one version of Android. Your device may not be capable of running the latest and greatest version of Android, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy some of the awesome Jelly Bean digs!

    Developer "SpaceCaker" has put together a guide that will help you enable the Samsung 4.2.2 Status bar and toggles running on your Samsung 2.3 device. This method does require you to tear apart the SystemUI.apk and edit a few files however the step by step guide makes all of this very simple and logical. This bit of work may very well be worth it if you would like to have some of the JB experience.

    Via XDA
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