Amazon Wireless Moves Out of Beta, Now Offers Price Guarantee and Free Premium Apps

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    Today, Amazon Wireless is finally ready to shed its beta tag and is now offering a new price guarantee as well as free premium apps for all new Android phone purchases. It has been almost three years since Amazon Wireless launched, and since then, they have dedicated themselves to changing the way people buy cell phones. With their new price guarantee you're covered in case you find your new phone cheaper somewhere else. The catch is that it has to be within 14 days of purchase, with the same plan, and the offer must be from an eligible site. But if you meet all the requirements, their willing to refund the difference to you.

    The free premium apps include Doodle Jump, Shazam Encore, Paper Camera, Office Suite Pro, and more. As usual, Amazon also offers free 2-day shipping and risk-free returns on all purchases. All these things combined with Amazon's top-notch customer service make for an attractive option. What has your experience with Amazon Wireless been like? Let us know.

    Source: Android Police and Amazon Wireless Blog
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    OMG Free Premium apps!

    Too bad I got all of those from the free app of the day program.
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    LOL, i didnt realize that wasnt a feature before for buying a new phone from them, guess i got lucky ordering my gnex from there some decent paid apps free (weatherbug elite, doodle jump, frogger and Shazam Encore) definitely loving the weatherbug and shazam ones since it makes it easy to check the weather and since i listen to a lot of music its nice to be able to always know what im listening to

    now all thats left for amazon is for their app store to integrate into google play store so apps installed/purchased show up in the play store

    btw anyone know a legitimate store where the gnex is less than 229.99? (would be nice to get a little back from the price guarantee if i can)
    also, im not sure if this is new or not but they seem to be throwing in a free accessory gift as well, for me its
    not sure what the barrel adapter is but you cant look a gift horse in the mouth though
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