All In One Mod Pack For The HTC One M8!

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    Do you love HTC Sense 6.0 but you would like to have a few of the mods that are included in most of the popular roms. You can now have a few of the most popular mods on your HTC One M8 without ditching stock Sense 6.0 thanks to developer "murryrlz" who has put together a quick that will add some nice mods to your device. Murray's Mods includes native wifi tether mod, removes wifi nag from status bar, optionally adds the minor quick settings panel, adds screenshot to the settings panel, and more. To install simply download the zip and flash in your favorite recovery. You will need to already be S-Off with custom recovery installed. It should be noted that this only works if you are running the stock rom and you need to be running the latest 1.55.605.2 for this to work. Head to the link below for the download links.

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