A Few D3 Issues (Day 2 of using)

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 3' started by xjeff99, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Hello! I just got the D3 yesterday coming from an OG Droid. Have a couple questions.

    -- How do I get the on-screen keyboard to hide automatically? Whenever I open up a text, website, calendar event, anything that has a text box on it while in the vertical (normal) direction, the virtual keyboard pops up, and I have to hit the back soft-key button to hide it. There was a way on the OG Droid to "auto-hide" or something on that nature the virtual keyboard until I specifically click into the text box. I can't seem to find that setting on the D3. Anyone?

    -- I've seen a few responses across the D3 forum about this but has anyone found out a solution - a way to change the lock screen silent - noise slider to a silent - vibrate only - noise slider? Or just a vibrate - noise slider? I never use silent, and switch from vibrate to noise depdning on if I'm at work or at home.

    -- I use Handcent for texting, and have put the handcent shortcut on the dock on the bottom of the stock Blur. Is there a way to put the handcent widget on there instead? Or at least something so I can see the amount of unread texts there, similar to how the handcent widget displays on the homescreen?

    -- I let the D3 drain last night until it was dead and actually turned off on it's own. I then plugged it into the wall charger to charge up but turned it back on as I was still configuring it to the way I wanted it. I charged it up to 100% by the AM and now with moderate usage around 5 hours later I'm around 30% (wifi off, bluetooth off, only 3G is on). Is this normal?

    -- (EDITED TO ADD): The Location services thing - the 3 different settings. Can someone just please clarify this? All I use the location thing for is when i need Navigation or looking at traffic on the maps. Can someone tell me which one/two of these 3 I need turned on for that?

    -- One more - back to the lock screen. Are there any apps/widgets/settings that puts more information on the lock screen? I have Handcent set so the popup text comes in front of the lock screen which is very useful, but i would like to be able to see what the email is or at least who the email is from when I receive one, instead of unlocking it and then going into my email app or pulling down the notification bar. Any idea?

    Thanks in advance everyone!