4G constantly drops when trying to upload to YouTube.

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by forumjunkie44, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I tried to upload a 344MB video today and lost 4G constantly. I even lost total service intermittently. Is this common? If so this isn't the phone for me.

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    Is losing 4G unusual for your area? There have been many issues recently of 4G being unstable with Verizon (assuming that's your carrier as well). The problem is not unique to the Droid RAZR, and in fact there are actually more complaints of poor signal strength and lack of ability to maintain a data connection with other manufacturers' phones. The Motorola radios (cellular, 3G, 4G) are most often recognized as the best at maintaining a signal/data/call. You may be even more disappointed with another brand.

    Take a look at your coverage on the map here (4G LTE Network | Verizon Wireless). At the bottom left is a place for your address. Punch it in and hit the big red "Am I Covered" button. Once done, click the big red button "View Coverage Map". Pay attention to the color:

    DARK RED 4G LTE Coverage Area *

    Medium Red 4G LTE Extended Coverage Area **

    RED Verizon Wireless 3G

    If you are in the DARK RED area, you will almost certainly get good solid coverage.
    If you are in the Medium Red area, you may get anywhere from good solid coverage to spotty coverage, to no coverage at all depending on your specific location and altitude in relation to the tower that's beaming that signal.
    If you are in the RED area, you will likely not get 4G coverage at all unless you are right on the fringe of covered areas.

    There is also a known issue with the RAZRs and possibly some other phones as well, where they are having difficulty negotiating with the towers when going from 3G to 4G or 4G to 3G, which can cause it to lose authentication. Usually a cycle of the data will resolve it. I use "Data Enabler Widget" from the market to toggle the data off and back on when it happens, and it usually resolves on the first try.

    Good luck! ;)