1.4.8 Changelog

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    Change log for 1.4.8

    SMS / MMS

    - New 3rd Edition UI


    - Added Torch feature to lockscreen, long press home will enable the torch function when screen is locked.

    - New UI effects when long pressing lock area.


    - Call groups functions added
    - Select Caller ID photos / Avatars
    - Delete multiple and single call logs functionality added
    - Adding a contact or contacts to groups fixed issue where group still displayed as no group members added.


    - Removal of App manager from pulldown notification, has been added back to the original method of long pressing the home button from the desktop.

    - Improved the status icons for Data, Wifi, Signal and Bluetooth

    - Removed left and right pull down option for the notification menu, the default action is now set to the Notices area.

    - Notifications added back to lockscreen as a notification icon, notification counts will be visible in the status icon e.g. 2 notifications will show a number 2 inside of the icon.

    Theme Manager

    - Added support in current local theme settings to style Lockscreen, notification style (dropdown) and Phone dialled and UI.


    - Add individual notes with alarm reminders
    - Add security to protect notes via the Settings > Personal > Password functions


    - New 3rd Edition UI
    - Added new 4×1 and 4×4 Widgets for Desktop use


    - Added new lockscreen feature, long press home button to activate the torch, release to deactivate

    Text Editor (Copy & Paste)

    - Add multiple copied snippets to clipboard feature added (up to 3 items)
    - Fixed menu to select options for editing being blocked in some situations
    - Fixed erroneous character issue when pasting content with spaces to left or right


    - Boot welcome message to pop-up carrier name, added as part of the 3rd edition UI

    - Draggable horizontal sliders added for Volume control and other features

    - Backup application improved to new 3rd edition UI, merged the Cloud backup functionality into the main app

    - Updated Monitor app the 3rd edition UI

    - Notes, Torch, Camera desktop icons now in full mode, no longer have small icons

    - Added Lockscreen desktop widget, single press widget lock the screen

    - Pattern lock security tracking issues fixed

    - Added visitor mode to phone and messaging application, status bar will display new notifications if blocked entries are found

    - Fixed DND status icons in notification bar