ZTE Shakes Things up: $100 quality Android handset


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Jan 25, 2010
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A $100 Android smartphone from ZTE is not a typo. There is a catch, of course.You are probably thinking it must be really low end. It's probably pretty small, right? Nope, with a 6 inch 1080p screen, this is officially phablet territory. It probably comes with a dual core last, LAST generation processor, right? No, this phone comes with the octa-core Snapdragon 617. Small battery? Only if 3400 mAh is considered small.

Yes, this phone seems to tick most of the right boxes for a mid range phone at a decidedly low end price. It has all those feature in addition to 32GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, USB Type C, a fingerprint scanner, SD card exapandability and it ships with Android M. Wow, right? The ZTE ZMax Pro will be only $100 after rebate.

Let's get to the catch: this phone will only be available through MetroPCS.

SOURCE: University Herald
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Our friend Mark bought ordered to use for T-Mobile so I will have him come here with his thoughts

Only negative I've read on it the screen brightness in sunlight supposedly bad ...

So it's GSM only. That sucks.

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Metro PCS I thought was CDMA. Did T-Mobile ever switch metro PCS from CDMA to GSM?

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Wiki answered my question.

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I really like the Zmax2 I have as a backup phone. This seems like a great deal, not sure if I will go with a flagship as my next phone with all of these budget options.