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Apr 19, 2019
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So, I recently changed my old Motorola for a Huawei. In the Motorola, I usually used Chrome to browse through the internet. However, I also used Dolphin, because it did something Chrome didn't do: when I zoomed a web page (such as a news article), the text not only increased in size, but also adapted to the mobile screen. Thus, I didn't have to move the screen horizontally, but only vertically.

Now, in my Huawei phone, when I zoom a web page using Dolphin, it does not adapt the text to the screen any more: it only makes the text bigger. That is, it forces me to move horizontally on the web page in order to read the text. Is there any setting I cannot find to make it adapt the text to the screen? Or is it a functionality Dolphin just hasn't any more? And if that is the case, is there any other web browser that can do that?

I have high myopia, that is why I love the zoom. I hope I am being clear enough. If am not, please, tell me, and I'll rewrite my post. Excuse me if there's already a thread on the topic: I cannot find any answer in Spanish, nor do I do in English (I may be looking for the wrong words). Also, excuse me if I posted on the wrong place of the forums.

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