You Can Remap The Bixby Button To Open Another App On The Galaxy S8


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Oct 6, 2011
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Bixby was one of the main selling points when the Galaxy S8 was announced at Samsung's unpacked event. The feature didn't get the sort of fan fare that Samsung had expected, and kind of had everyone scratching their heads. Why would Samsung spend so much time and effort to create a me too app when Google was already doing such a great job with Google Assist? Bixby is doing most of what Assist is already doing with an extra feature that allows you to point your camera at something and get suggestions on where to buy that thing.

This lead many people to start wondering about what else could be done with that dedicated Bixby button. Fortunately the button can be remapped to open other apps. The button can be reprogrammed to open up Google's Assistant which is also included in Nougat and will be present on the S8. The "All In One Gesture" app allows you to do the remapping. With the app you can do pretty much anything with that button including launching Tasker automation scripts. If Samsung is including this hardware button it is great to see we can easily remap it.

via Reddit