The Bixby Button Is Broken For Some Galaxy S8 Users


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Oct 6, 2011
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Another day Another reportedly widespread Galaxy S8 issue. We have seen over the past few days that users are reporting all sorts of issues with their new Galaxy S8 devices. Some have experienced a red tint in the display due to Samsung not taking time to properly configure display color, others have reported buggy wifi, still others are reporting issues with Qi Wireless charging. Now some users are reporting that their Bixby button is broken.

Personally I already have my Bixby button remapped to Google Now. This is a practice that Samsung frowns upon and have been doing their best to eliminate server side. Some users are actually fond of the new Bixby feature and are taking to the internet to complain that their dedicated Bixby button has become very temperamental. Pushing the button does nothing at times for some users. This seems to be more of a problem for those who have implemented the work around to remap the button. This could be due to the fact that Samsung continues to push out updates attempting to disable the ability to remap which is likely interfering with these workaround methods. The easiest way to get your Bixby button back if you have lost it would be to factory reset your device.

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