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Jan 6, 2011
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I had the Verizon Dare for a while. I updated to the Droid Eris in 5/2010. I really liked the phone based on coming from the dare which was still old school. After 45 days or so, just after the 30 day period to return the Eris, I started having all kinds of problems. Phone freezing for minutes on end, when I plugged in my phone it started moving home screens, freezing, taking forever to actually dial a contact, scroll button stopped working scrolling to the left(a literal fight to keep the screens from changing) figured out I could stop the Kaos by pressing the scroll button. I spent more time opening my phone and stopping apps running with ATK than I spent using my phone. I called "Verizon Wireless" many times and I basically got the answer " sorry, deal with it." I finally got in contact with a Verizon guy that WANTED to help me. I recently received a replacement Eris and decided I will give this phone a fresh look. I went on this site not to be a hacker, but try to make my phone work since I have a contract until Feb. 2012. With my new phone in hand I began reading about rooting and trying to change the software on the phone. This is my last hope at trying to make it work. I left AT&T back in the day when the coverage sucked and customer service was worse. To this day, I will never again be a customer of ATT&T or pay a phone bill to them. I have converted 15+ people to Verizon. So...... I am going to root and build what I hope is a functioning phone. If not, I am suing the **** out of Verizon and going to buy an iPhone. I already have an iPad and realize how well a mobile device can work. CHEERS! My girlfriend says I'm long winded and actually said while I am typing this last sentence, " You're going to make it longer?" Of coarse, that is what you like! Iphone or bust!