Yet another new Droid owner


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Feb 13, 2010
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Hello. As you guessed I'm another new owner. Had the phone for a little over two weeks and can't say enough about it.

I figured I'd join and post instead of being a lurker. I've already used the forum to handle a problem with my battery cover - other than that no real issues.

:icon_ banana: Welcome to DroidForums wally_world :icon_ banana:

Nice to have you sign up with us all here.

I remember the first few days with my Droid !! Couldn't put the damm thing down :p I also couldn't get enough information about it either.

We hope you enjoy the place and find all the answers to any questions that may come up about your Droid.

Have Fun in the Forums, It's Great to have you Here !!!
Yeah, welcome to the club/forum!!!

You'll love this forum and of course fall in love with using the Droid.

My first discovery was using the Google Sky Map at night to identify Betelgeuse to the left of Orion's Belt. I am a stargazer but not a true astronomer, but I am a believer that every curious person who gazes at the night sky becomes an astronomer. But I was so wow-ed by the app. I use now all the time when it's a clear night. Two weeks ago, it was soooo cool to be able to see a red star, wonder if it is a star or something else and be able to confirm that with this app by pointing it to the night sky. Nope, that's Mars! And I can see it with the naked eye. How cool is that?

I also think having Google Maps Navigation is the best tool on the Droid. Finding a new restaurant or going to a new place is a breeze. You'll soon discover things for yourselves using the Droid that will rock your socks off. Have fun with the journey.
:welcome: to the forum. Sholes beachen bagel. If you're going to toss your warranty out the door this is the way to go. You can get it from the Market for 5 bucks.

Or you can just wait for 2.1 like the rest of us are PATIENTLY (not) doing.:)
Welcome to the Forums.
Welcome to the neighborhood, wally_world!