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Jul 11, 2010
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I have a frient that wasted a glass of tea on his droid the 1st one. It wouldn't come on at first. but when it did he got a white triangle with a yellow exclamation point in it. is there anything he can do to get it working......


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Apr 7, 2010
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well first thing is was it dry when he turned it on? never turn on a wet device, instant kill lol. sound to me if you got the screen to work your half way their. Did he happen to be pushing x when he was hitting power? if so what you explained reminds me alot of the recovery... if you push camera button and volume up you should get access to the recovery menu. (he might have to hit volume up and camera button several times, mine was very stingy...) well anyway, again make sure its completely dry before moving the phone around such. before trying anything just reset the device without hitting any button but power. if you still get that pic then maybe you should let it set for awhile... if your in a rush maybe the sign isnt the recovery menu and i suppose you could try holding x for at least 5 seconds while powering on the droid to see if you can infact get into the recovery of the device. then again do the the camera and volup so you can get into the menu. (maybe you have to do a factory reset... i wouldnt suggest it i just dont want to give bad advice to you so id do some more googling before you did that.) But all in all if you can access that menu then your good. :) also you should try starting up the droid while hitting up the whole time. maybe the actuall bootloader will pop up and you could reflash*again do lots of googling and know whats going on, im just giving you some maybe options. lol im not about to throw tea on mine to see. :) hope this helped somewhat.(if you do reflash your phone btw, id suggest going with the stock unrooted one, it doesnt ruin warrenty, at least they wont know you played around in the bootloader anyway. you just dont tell em )